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Research positions

I did my undergraduate masters degree in theoretical physics at the University of Sheffield.

I did my PhD entitle "The long and short of templated copying" with Dr Tom Ouldridge at Imperial College.

I worked with Professor Chris Watkins and Dr Susanne Still on the "Intelligence in Context" grant.

I am currently working with Professor Pieter Rein Ten Wolde on fundamental costs of prediction.


Mathematical Models in Biology: from Information Theory to Thermodynamics.


I spoke at the Banff international research station on the topic of predicting a noisy signal.

Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics – The past, the present, and the future


I spoke at the Physikzentrum Bad Honnef on the topic of fundamental costs of prediction. Thanks to the organizers for a fantastic event.


Thankyou to the ideas lab team for organising a fantastic event bringing together people from many disciplines to generate proposals for work on the topic of the origin of life.

Workshop on stochastic thermodynamics, junior women's caucus- first meeting


Thankyou to the Santa Fe institute for helping me host the first meeting of the junior women's caucus. We had 20 attendees with an interactive talk from David Wolpert and a warm, generous discussion of ways we can mutually support each other in physics.

Workshop on stochastic thermodynamics II


Thankyou to the WOST team for inviting me to speak on the topic of templated copying in biological settings.

APS March meeting


I presented at the March APS meeting, discussing the topic of my PhD; The long and short of templated copying


Nonequilibrium correlations in minimal dynamical models of polymer copying

Edge-effects dominate copying thermodynamics for finite-length molecular oligomers

Stochastic thermodynamics, Junior women's caucus

For current and aspiring PhD students and PostDocs studying stochastic thermodynamics

Subsequent meetings

We have been meeting every 6weeks for journal clubs and seminars. Our mailing list now has more than 40 members.

On 31st August 2021 group member Sara Loos presented her paper "Irreversibility, heat and information flows induced by non-reciprocal interactions".

On 17th September 2021 Nikta Fakhri gave a talk "Quantifying thermodynamic arrow of time in fluctuations of living systems".

On 28th October 2021 I presented my paper "Edge effects dominate copying thermodynamics for finite length molecular oligomers"

On 17th December 2021 Chris Jarzynski gave a talk on "Stochastic thermodynamics
in the strong coupling regime"

On 24th February group members Yu-Chen Chao and Jinghui Liu presented their paper "Scale dependent irreversibility in living matter"

[2107.05701] Scale-dependent irreversibility in living matter (

On 28th April Gilli Brisker gave a talk on "Entropy production in systems with insufficient infomation"

On 9th June group member Olga Moville presented her paper "Geometry of finite-time thermodynamic cycles with anisotropic thermal fluctuations"

2203.12483.pdf (

On 6th July Massimiliano Esposito gave a talk on "The thermodynamics of chemical reaction networks".

Thankyou to all our speakers and participants.

Get in Touch

First meeting

This is the first meeting of the quarterly junior women’s caucus for the workshop on stochastic thermodynamics. Stochastic thermodynamics is a field with a very small number of senior women. At last year’s workshop (2020) no women gave talks, or asked any academic questions. This is largely a pipeline problem. We know that women are underrepresented at undergraduate and postgraduate level in physics more broadly.

It is vitally important therefore that women PostDocs and PhD students are equipped with the skills and confidence to progress to senior positions in the field and equally important that women undergraduate (Bachelors or Masters) students currently working on dissertations on stochastic thermodynamics are encouraged to apply to PhD programs within the field.

This recurring workshop aims to provide the following opportunities to its attendees:

  • Access to senior academics in the field.

  • Access to small group tutorials, lectures and skills workshops.

  • Access to a tight knit community of junior women in stochastic thermodynamics.

  • Priority access to the SFIs educational programs.

  • A platform which can be shaped and used by the needs of the attendees.

To register interest and join our mailing list contact

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Stochastic thermodynamics junior women's caucus

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